Pub Quizzes are fun! That’s why SORA organizes Tech Pub Quizzes for all people interested in information technology topics!

Question cover a wide range from system engineering to programming – everyone will find his favourite subjects covered and will learn new things outside his comfort zone.

So get your favourite drink, and join us!

TechPubQuiz #4 - 08.07.2021
TechPubQuiz #3 - 03.06.2021

The third edition of our TechPubQuiz is ready to go! So save the date and stay posted by joining the event on Meetup!

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TechPubQuiz #2 - 29.04.2021

We launch the second edition of TechPubQuiz!

If you have a question you want to see in the quiz, submit it below!

TechPubQuiz #1 - 25.03.2021

The first edition of our TechPubQuiz was awesome!

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TechPubQuiz #0 - 18.02.2021

The pilot of our TechPubQuiz!

Thank you all for attending!

Time to get ready for the next Quiz!








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